Kenvéd offers surface finishing services for its domestic and international customers.

Our strength is that due to our ever expanding technology lineup our customers can find a solution for their surface treatment needs in one place. What we provide: automotive quality, high volumes, on-time deliveries and reasonable prices.

We offer a wide choice of corrosion protective and decorative coatings.

Our activities include organic (e-coat, powder paint, wet paint, sintering) and inorganic coatings (zinc-phosphating, zinc-plating, zinc-nickel-plating, nanoceramic treatment), as well as combinations of them as duplex coatings.
Different options can be chosen for the pretreatment of the surfaces too, e.g. ultrasonic degreasing, shot blasting or vibration grinding. Detailed descriptions of the surface treatment processes can be found under „Technologies”.
Our automatic surface finishing lines provide a constant quality that fulfills even the highest automotive requirements. We treat more than 80 million parts yearly to the satisfaction of our customers in different industry fields.

If you are looking for a reliable partner for surface finishing with decades of experience, do not hesitate to contact us.